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      Union of Health and
      2781 Lancaster Road, Suite 400
      Ottawa, Ontario K1B 1A7
      T. 1(613) 731-5533
      F.(613) 526-5537
      • Graduates celebrating at sunset

        2022 Scholarship Program

        UHEW offers scholarships to dependents of UHEW members and UHEW members returning to school who intend to pursue full-time post-secondary education. Deadline for applying is?September 7, 2022. Read more

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      Contact UHEW-STSE

      Contact us today with any questions, comments or concerns for UHEW-STSE, We look forward to hearing from you

      Documents and tools

      Check out our complete section of documents and tools available to UHEW-STSE members here.

      Resources for Locals

      Documents union leaders need to run their local

      UHEW Contact Center

      Contact Stakeholders and UHEW Members using our easy to use contact center

      UHEW-STSE News

      this section has all the latest updates, news and event information from UHEW-STSE.

      UMCC Minutes

      The purpose of Union-Management Consultation Committees is to provide a forum for the exchange of information between management and agents.

      Recent News Articles

      Celebrate and Remember

      June is a month to remember and celebrate. We celebrate Pride across the country as a welcome opportunity for all of us, regardless of our sexual identity to acknowledge and celebrate our differences. It is […]

      Safety First

      One of the things we all learned during the pandemic is the importance of our individual and collective health and safety. As a Union we had to redouble our efforts to ensure that all UHEW […]

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